WordPress Website Development

Limited Availability. Small to medium size projects only.  No spec work. eCommerce projects not accepted.

WordPress logoI specialize in WordPress development for individuals and small business. Whether you are tech savvy or a newbie, I will help you at your level and at your pace.

I can save you time and money by customizing a pre-coded, responsive WordPress template. A responsive website automatically adapts to fit the device you’re viewing it on. Please visit the “Clients” page to see my portfolio.

A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required prior to starting a design project.

Website Services

  • WordPress installation and security updates
  • Plugin installation, configuration, and updates
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social networking integration
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Website content updates
  • General technical assistance
  • Multiple, recurring website backups

2018 Pricing

Pricing may vary depending on the project, however the following chart will give you a rough idea of what you might expect to pay. Also, please note that you will get discounted pricing if you host your website at

How many pages? Hosted by another provider Hosted by
1 page website $700.00 $650.00
2 page website $750.00 $700.00
3 page website $800.00 $750.00
4 page website $850.00 $800.00
5 page website $900.00 $850.00
 additional pages $30.00 per page $25.00 per page

More Details

  1. “Coming Soon” page available, if needed
  2. Custom programming and database integration are not available
  3. Website maintenance is FREE for during the first month after site launch

My Approach


Discuss content, color and layout preferences. Gather all materials for the website, including photos, videos, graphics, logo, and text (aka “copy”).


Search for, and customize, a pre-coded WP template that comes close to your needs. Publish the work-in-progress to a temporary URL so that we can refine content and tweak the look and feel to your taste. Discourage search engines from indexing this site.


Design and layout individual pages with content provided. Install, configure, and deploy needed plugins. Discuss and implement best practices for search engine optimization.


Move the website to the document root of your hosting account. Finish all SEO tasks including optimization of page titles, and meta-descriptions (aka “snippets”). Add sitemaps(s) XML files and robots.txt files. Track with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Website Design Proposal Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: eCommerce projects not accepted.

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